Automobile Crane
Automobile Cranes supply material handling solutions and in-house logistics for the entire automotive value chain. The India Automobile Crane Motor vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers rely on lifting and transporting applications in their manufacturing and assembling processes worldwide.

Indian Automobile Vehicle Making requires a lot of people and equipment. You have to manage many simultaneous processes to ensure your production line stays efficient. Automobiles need to be shipped on time to meet your demanding customer schedules, which means you cannot afford any downtime. You need fast, safe and reliable equipment, and automotive cranes and other lifting solutions that help you manage your industrial challenges. Whether you need a crane for handling mounds or you need cranes for handling other parts in the manufacturing process.

The construction kit consists of standardized mechanical and control components. This facilitates planning, construction and maintenance. Its installations can be altered and extended at any time. Straight and curved track sections, track switches, turntables and lift and drop sections can be combined to provide the widest range of material handling solutions.

India Automobile Cranes transport, turn, pivot and lift loads into optimum assembly positions and satisfy operators' demands for precise positioning throughout the assembly process. At the same time, they are used wherever press tools for car body parts have to be handled or heavy injection mounding tools have to be changed, for example in the production of plastic parts. In assembly operations, hoist units help to provide ergonomically favourable, as well as efficient, workplaces for workers. Whether you are moving steel coils, pressing engines or car body parts, constructing the engine, or putting together the whole car, we have the equipment to fit the task.

    Fields of application :
  • Stamping plants
  • Vehicle assembly
  • Supplier sector

Construction Crane
Construction crane supply material handling solutions in Construction Industry whenever buildings or infrastructure projects are developed, Santek Equipment's crane installations and drive systems are not far away. We have supplied many cranes over the years to solve different problems. We have supplied cranes for prefabrication yards and we have also supplied cranes with special features to solve problems when precast elements have to be launched. Many of the material handling functions mentioned above are performed in open areas. Long and cross travel motions are possible simultaneously, enabling loads to reach their destination by the shortest possible route within the shortest time, thus improving handling efficiency. Portal cranes which may be designed with or without cantilever arms can be supplied with special load attachments. Cantilever portal cranes allow the crane operating area to be increased. The crab can travel via the cantilever arm by simply passing the load between or to the sides of the gantries and depositing it on trucks, rail cars or barges for onward transportation. Our gantry cranes, often called portal cranes, are designed for a comprehensive range of applications and suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. Their ability to operate detached from walls and rigid columns gives you the possibility to get the most out of your working areas. Standard and special portal cranes are manufactured and used in a wide variety of industrial situations. When the construction is completed, we facilitate the maintenance of building facades and atrium.

    Fields of application :
  • Manufacturing of building elements
  • Tunnel and pipeline construction
  • Mobile architecture
  • Precast construction

Manufacturing Cranes
Manufacturing Cranes are engaged in offering a broad range of EOT Cranes, which is highly appreciated for low maintenance cost and longer service life. Due to its quality features, it finds its application in the areas like railway workshops, boat manufacturing and glass handling for lifting structure steels in construction sites. Available in various specifications, these EOT Cranes can also be custom made as per the clients specific requirements.

Santek Equipments is leading Indian Crane Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a range of high quality Material Handling EOT Cranes. We engineer the cranes in various lifting heights as well as capacities, owing to the diverse specifications of our esteemed customers. In addition to this, the span level of our cranes is available in various specifications. We pack the electrical parts and beam separately with utmost standard material to deliver the heavy duty Material Handling EOT Cranessafely to the customers' end. Respected patrons can order the cranes as per their preferred colours.

Power Cranes
Power Cranes for power generation industry with our integrated handling solutions, we are a trusted partner of the private and public power generation sector all over the world, equally serving the production, operation and maintenance of power-generation installations.

    Fields of application :
  • Power generation facility construction.
  • power crane services.
  • Installations for electricity and heat generation.
  • Renewable power generation.
  • Refuse recycling installations.

Oil & Gas Cranes
Oil & Gas Cranes applications, reliability and safety are essential. To support the industry's highly regulated, mission-critical operations, Santek Equipments offers cranes with wide range of innovative services and applied engineering solutions. Our experienced sales and engineering staff help select, design and apply sealing systems for even the most challenging conditions, and Crane products meet the highest industry standards for containment of fugitive emissions.

Oil and gas extraction facilities often operate in remote locations where storage space is limited and application conditions are extreme. And because equipment failure can have dire consequences jeopardizing costs, environmental safety and energy resources. These mission-critical operations require reliable engineered components that can withstand extreme temperatures, high pressures, corrosion and erosion over a long period of time.

Santek Crane are proven long-term success under these conditions. Chain Hoists are cost effective alternatives for lifting capacities of up to 4 tons. It is certified for protection against both gas (G) and dust (D) explosions in accordance with the directive. Oil and Gas Ex Chain Hoists are equipped with two hoisting speeds in their standard configuration, and their compact design is ideal for curve track monorails, slewing jib cranes and cranes with smaller capacities. A wide range of explosion-proof components and accessories for a variety of market requirements. Our range of products covers. geared motors, wheel blocks, push button pendant, limit switches, floodlights and flashing light, warning horn, energy chain system etc. Our innovative solutions and regional networks ensure you receive our most comprehensive support and coverage at all times. The products are robust and constructed with the right protection for a safe and long service life under poor operating conditions.

Ship Buildings Cranes
Shipyard Cranes in India that help streamline the entire process, minimizing downtime, while boosting productivity, safety and cost efficiency.

Ship Buildings Cranes or deck cranes offer practical bulk solutions for various vessels including bulk carriers, barges and trans -shippers. India ship cranes are used in many ways. Barges with a single deck crane or large bulk carriers with four or five deck cranes. The range of crane capacities is normally between 25 and 50 ton with a working radius from 20 to 38 meters. To improve the outreach and positioning performance, the cranes can be installed on eccentric platforms. Besides the single boom cranes there are special double girder deck cranes especially designed for use on board trans-shippers where high turnover rates and continuous operation are required. The supply covers all types of cranes from small workshop cranes to specially designed gantry cranes.

    Ship Buildings leading lifting equipment that goes into building the world's ships:
  • Ship underloaded that transfer shipbuilding material from ships or barges.
  • Small gantry cranes and plate handling cranes that move material in shipyard warehouses.
  • Light overhead cranes that move steel plates to the cutting area - and moving on to progressively larger cranes as the ship blocks take shape.
  • Goliath gantry cranes - some of the world's largest cranes - that are used to lift and position the large ship blocks as they are assembled to form the ship.
  • Jib cranes used to outfit the ship.
  • Floating dock cranes that take over completion of assembly after the hull is ready to leave the dry dock.

Steel Cranes
Steel Cranes are used for Heavy duty applications only. Temperature above 450 C to 600 C. are the locations for performance of these cranes.

Steel Cranes Wheels are rugged in design and construction and are high speed cranes. For the clients it is a heart of the industry from the production point of view. Ease of maintenance of every component at the installed height is the advantage. Standard capacity ranges from 15 to 200 Ton depending upon customer requirements. These crane industry manage their severe duty challenges with optimal productivity and safety.

Steel industry cranes and other lifting equipment to provide safe, reliable, uninterrupted performance. Special features include overload protection, emergency stop system and sway control, to name a few. Our service packages can be tailored to support your unique operations and objectives. And we offer real-time measurement and diagnostic technology to monitor your equipment at all times to ensure that your equipment is always up to the challenge.

Railways Cranes
Railways Cranes for railway industry leading locomotive and corresponding infrastructure manufacturers rely on products.Outfitted with a modern infrastrucure. In Railways Cranes are installed in locomotive sheds for wagon handling and maintenance.