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Belt Conveyor Manufacturers in India

Belt Conveyor Manufacturers

Belt conveyors are the most versatile and simplest material handling technologies. An endless loop belt is driven by two or more pulleys in their operation. The product is subsequently transferred from one point to other on the belt by the loop. They have belts made of rubber or fabric. In both distribution centers and production ones, belt conveyors are frequently utilized.
Belt conveyors are the plant construction solutions for moving products from station to station in processing lines. These are used for conveying materials such as coal, ores, bagasse, ash, loose grains or cereals, seeds, etc. from the feeding point to the desired place in the warehouses which have space constraints. Santek is a leading belt conveyor manufacturer in India. With their extensive range of standard modules and accessories, Santek can fulfil every requirement.

• Ease of Use
• Increases Operator Efficiency
• Reduces Human Fatigue
• Increased Time Efficacy
• Excellent design makes running smooth.
• Wide range of customization options