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Goods Lift

A goods lift (or cargo lift) is a machine to lift goods vertically in a safe way. Persons are not
allowed on the lift, only for loading and unloading. There is one exception: a goods lift with an
attendant (sometimes called a goods/person lift). This kind of lift requires special safety
measures. There are a lot of different types of goods lifts (or cargo lifts): small goods lifts,
service lifts, kitchen lifts, tire lifts, lifts in storage spaces, heavy-duty goods lifts, goods lifts with a
cage, car lifts, and many more types for any use.

Then there are also goods lifts:

  • In a shaft with a cabin and lift doors in the shaft wall
  • In a shaft with handrails and gates on the platform and lift doors in the shaft wall
  • Self-supporting lifts (fixed shaft) including lift doors
  • Instead of shaft mesh walls or special steel bars around the lift,
  • including mesh wall doors or special steel bar doors
  • Instead of a shaft, a goods lift in a complete cage (self-supporting) including special doors
    All goods lifts are custom made available for indoor or outdoor use
A goods lift is a machine to lift goods vertically

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