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Goliath crane manufacturers in India

Goliath crane manufacturers

In the manufacturing and construction industries, a crane is a necessity. Goliath cranes have undoubtedly shown to be a flexible option for modern manufacturers. Santek is one the leading Goliath crane manufacturers in India.
Due to the large span of Goliath Cranes, the gantry typically uses rigid legs on one side and flexible legs on the other, where the rigid legs on one side are secured to the main beam and the flexible legs on the other side are connected to the main beam using flexible hinges. The two main beam types are single main beams and double main beams. The shipbuilding gantry crane must perform a variety of tasks, including single lifting, double hook lifting, triple hook lifting, hull section turning in the air, and micro rotation in the air, in order to satisfy the demands of the hull section turning and closing operation.
In Goliath cranes, the girders are fixed on the portable columns called legs and have rails at ground level to make the entire crane travel smooth. These cranes are mostly used for outdoor applications. Gantry cranes manufactured by Santek are built for simplicity and maximum usability. With their specially designed steel structure, they are ideal for different kinds of buildings and work areas, both indoors and outdoors. A compact hoist makes the most of your existing workspace, providing an extensive work area around the crane. We particularly take care of each hoist to be fitted with our Core of Lifting components, developed and manufactured in-house, as well as a comprehensive set of control and safety features and options for specific industrial lifting applications.

Span: 10 – 60 Meters
Capacity: 5 – 150 Tonnes

goliath crane manufacturers in India

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