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Bucket Elevator Manufacturers

Bucket Elevator Manufacturers

Santek’s bucket elevators have removable top covers and comes with access doors for easy maintenance. Additionally, the discharge throat plate on our elevators is movable, and there are inspection doors on both sides of the discharge. Access ladders and service platforms are also available. Bucket elevators are available in either the centrifugal or continuous configuration. Both configurations allow for either a belt-style elevator or a chain-style elevator.
Bucket Elevator is used for vertical conveying of bulk material of various kinds and can be of
belt type or chain type. Different types of bucket profiles are available for specific applications. Traveling heights can be up to 60 mtrs. These Bucket Elevators are available in a chain and belt-driven systems.

A bucket elevator is a mechanical conventional conveying solution to lift material to a certain elevation. Santek provides a wide range of bucket elevators for granular and powder applications. A vertical elevator depends entirely on centrifugal force to get material to the discharge chute. These continuous conveyors are used in conveying all kinds of bulk materials. The bucket elevator has a drive shaft and a drive motor at the top. These buckets are continuously filled with material using hoppers or chutes. The material is then conveyed upward and tipped into the discharge chute. For dust-proof applications, we offer bucket elevators along with a suitable dust extraction system. The discharge side has Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene and other specialized linings for abrasive materials. Bucket elevators are equipped with Zero Speed Switch & pawl and ratchet type backstop arrangement for the safety of equipment and the operator. Santek is one of the trustworthy belt conveyor manufacturers in India.

Max. Height: 60 Meters
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