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Welcome to Santek Equipments Private Limited, your trusted partner in the world of material handling solutions. As a leading grab crane manufacturer in India, we take immense pride in our commitment to innovation, precision engineering, and delivering solutions that empower industries to efficiently handle bulk materials. Elevate Your Material Handling Efficiency with Santek Equipments, a Leading Grab Crane Manufacturer in India. Our precision-engineered grab cranes are designed to optimize bulk material handling processes. As a trusted manufacturer, we provide top-quality grab crane solutions that enhance productivity and minimize downtime. 

The Santek Advantage: Why Choose Us for Grab Cranes

The Santek Advantage: Why Choose Us for Grab Cranes

When it comes to grab crane manufacturing, Santek Equipments Private Limited stands out as a symbol of quality, reliability, and technological prowess. Here’s why we are your preferred choice for grab cranes in India:

Your Partner in Material Handling Success

Santek Equipments Private Limited is not just a grab crane manufacturer; we are your strategic partner in achieving material handling excellence. Our mission is to provide you with grab crane solutions that enhance productivity, reduce operational costs, and improve safety.

Join hands with Santek Equipments Private Limited, and experience the difference that precision engineering and innovation can make in your material handling processes. Contact us today to discuss your grab crane requirements and embark on a journey of efficiency and reliability with Santek. Your success is our commitment. Choose Santek Equipments as your Grab Crane Manufacturer in India for advanced technology, reliability, and performance that exceed industry standards. Discover how we’re transforming material handling across India and beyond.

Santek Equipments Private Limited provides an extensive array of cutting-edge lifting and conveying solutions across diverse sectors, accompanied by comprehensive services. Our product range includes Single Girder EOT Crane, Double Girder EOT Crane, Jib Cranes, Goliath Cranes, Gantry Crane, Underslung Crane, High-Speed Cabin Operated Cranes, Frame Crane, Monorail With Super Structure, and Mechanical Grab Bucket, Overhead Crane also offer material handling solutions like Belt Conveyor, Cane Unloader Trolley, Bucket Elevator, Screw Conveyors, Goods Lift.


What is grab crane?

A grab crane is a type of crane equipped with a grabbing device, typically a grab bucket featuring hinged jaws or tines. This mechanism allows the crane to efficiently lift, transport, and release bulk materials such as sand, gravel, or scrap metal. Grab cranes are widely used in industries like construction, mining, shipping, and waste management for their ability to handle loose or irregularly shaped materials in a controlled and systematic manner.

What is the price of grab crane in India?

specific pricing details for grab cranes from Santek Equipments or any other manufacturer can vary based on factors such as crane capacity, specifications, customization requirements, and market conditions. Pricing information is subject to change, and it's recommended to contact Santek Equipments directly for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing details.

For the latest and precise information regarding the price of grab cranes in India from Santek Equipments, it's advisable to visit their official website, get in touch with their sales representatives, or contact authorized dealerships at: +91-9422509838. They will provide you with the most relevant and current pricing information based on your specific needs and requirements.

What is the function of grab crane?

The function of a grab crane is to efficiently handle and transport bulk materials. Equipped with a grabbing device, typically a grab bucket featuring hinged jaws or tines, the crane can lift, secure, and release loose or irregularly shaped materials such as sand, gravel, scrap metal, or waste. The primary function is to streamline material handling processes, providing controlled and systematic loading, transportation, and unloading of bulk materials in various industrial applications, including construction, mining, shipping, and waste management.

What are the advantages of Grab Crane?

The advantages of grab cranes include:

Efficient Bulk Material Handling: Grab cranes are designed for efficient handling of bulk materials, allowing for quick and controlled loading, transportation, and unloading.

Versatility: The grab mechanism enables the crane to handle various materials, including loose bulk commodities, scrap metal, and irregularly shaped items.

Increased Productivity: By streamlining material handling processes, grab cranes contribute to increased productivity, reducing the time and effort required for loading and unloading operations.

Precise Control: The grabbing device provides precise control over the material, allowing operators to pick up and release loads with accuracy, minimizing the risk of damage.

Adaptability to Various Industries: Grab cranes find applications in diverse industries such as construction, mining, shipping, and waste management, showcasing their versatility in different operational environments.

Reduced Labor Requirements: The efficient material handling capabilities of grab cranes can lead to reduced labor requirements, as fewer manual interventions are needed for loading and unloading tasks.

Systematic Waste Management: In waste management applications, grab cranes facilitate the systematic handling and disposal of waste materials, contributing to environmentally friendly practices.

Cost-Effective Solutions: The streamlined material handling processes and increased efficiency make grab cranes a cost-effective solution for various industries.

Enhanced Safety: The controlled grabbing mechanism, when operated with proper safety protocols, can enhance overall safety in material handling operations.

Customization Options: Grab cranes can be customized to suit specific operational requirements, ensuring that the equipment is tailored to the needs of the application.

These advantages make grab cranes valuable tools in industries where the efficient handling of bulk materials is essential for operational success.

What is the Classification Of Grab Crane?

The classification of grab cranes is based on various factors, including their design, features, and applications. Common classifications include:

By Design:

Single Girder Grab Crane: Features a single horizontal girder supporting the grab mechanism.
Double Girder Grab Crane: Utilizes two horizontal girders for increased stability and lifting capacity.
By Application:

Bulk Handling Grab Crane: Designed specifically for efficiently handling bulk materials such as sand, gravel, or coal.
Scrap Handling Grab Crane: Tailored for lifting and transporting scrap metal in recycling and industrial settings.
By Control Mechanism:

Manual Grab Crane: Operated manually by the crane operator using controls.
Remote-Controlled Grab Crane: Allows operators to control the grab mechanism remotely for increased safety and precision.
By Mounting Configuration:

Top Running Grab Crane: Travels on top of the runway beams.
Under Running Grab Crane: Travels beneath the runway beams.
These classifications help define the specific characteristics and functionalities of grab cranes, making it easier to select the most suitable type for a particular application or industry.