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EOT Cranes Range

Single Girder EOT Crane

These cranes have a compact and lightweight design which ensures lower building space,
the most optimum utilization of floor space and lower building loads. The range of electrically
operated Single girder EOT cranes we have is from, 0.5 T cap. To 20 T CAP and spans from 6
mtrs. to 30 mtrs. for different light and medium applications.
“Santek” manufactured Single Girder cranes are designed with suitable hoists and components
increasing the utilization and giving the experience as per the application requirement. As
our “EOT” cranes are modular in construction, choosing an end carriage design to suit the
structure or factory or warehouse is easy. The reliability and low operational and
maintenance cost of this crane makes it one of the preferred choice of customers.

Span: 6 – 30 Meters

Capacity: 0.5 – 20 Tonnes

single girder eot crane manufacturers in India

Double Girder EOT Crane

Santek offers high‐quality Double Girder EOT Cranes that have a very high load capacity of
Up to 150 MT. These Double Girder EOT Cranes are in massive demand in heavyweight
industries like shipyards, metal industries, construction sites, etc. Our Double Girder EOT
Cranes ensure low dead weight because of the box girder design, and the bolted design
ensures that these are geometrically reliable during assembly as well. Double Girder EOT
Cranes can be fitted with walkways and assembly platforms, making them suitable for
maintaining workshop fittings.
We have electrically operated Double box girder EOT cranes from 5 T to 150 T CAP and span
varying from 10 mtrs. To 60 mtrs., for any duty, classification and tailor-made application
along with class IV extra heavy duty grabbing cranes for handling fertilizers, rock phosphate,
cement, slugs, iron ores and similar powder materials. Double girder EOT crane is one of the
high-demand products since it is our specialty which makes us one of the most reliable
crane manufacturers in India.

Span: 10 – 60 Meters

Capacity: 5 – 150 Tonnes

Jib Cranes

A Jib crane is one of the cost-effective material flow solutions.
It is a sort of overhead lifting machine normally used in smaller industries
having repetitive and unique lifting tasks. These cranes are highly flexible and
can also be coupled with overhead bridge cranes to increase production.
This crane is moderately simple in design but can have good lifting capacities from 125 kgs to
15 tons in some applications. It’s ergonomic design makes it appealing in a production
environment because it can maximize workers’ productivity, minimize workplace injuries,
and enhance safety.
It is easy to operate and needs less maintenance as it contains fewer parts that could
potentially break down. Also, it supports overhead cranes on production lines and keeps
workstations, machining cells and warehouses in operation.

Capacity: 125 Kgs. – 15 Tonnes

Goliath Cranes

In Goliath cranes, the girders are fixed on the portable columns called legs and have rails
at ground level to make the entire crane travel smooth. These cranes are mostly used for
outdoor applications. Gantry cranes manufactured by Santek are built for simplicity and
maximum usability. With their specially designed steel structure, they are ideal for different
kinds of buildings and work areas, both indoors and outdoors. A compact hoist makes the
most of your existing workspace, providing an extensive work area around the crane.
We particularly take care of each hoist to be fitted with our Core of Lifting components,
developed and manufactured in-house, as well as a comprehensive set of control and safety
features and options for specific industrial lifting applications.

Span: 10 – 60 Meters

Capacity: 5 – 150 Tonnes

High Speed Cabin Operated cranes

EOT Cranes having high-speed requirements are used to transport plates, bars or coils in the
rolling area. These high-speed cranes can be equipped with a variety of lifting equipment depending on the material to be handled. The cabin is provided to ensure the operator’s
Features of coil and plate handling crane:

  • A wide range of lifting devices can be attached to the hooks: magnets, C-hooks, hydraulic
    tongs and more. The slewing function can also be provided with a lifting device.
  • The service touch panel has a screen for process data, service, diagnostics and manual
    crane control. The crane monitors its own condition and recommends when
    maintenance should be done.
  • Electrical cabinets can be made available with air conditioning when the working
    environment is hot and demanding or when network braking is provided.

Span: 10 – 60 Meters

Capacity: 5 – 150 Tonnes

Monorail with Super Structure

A monorail crane system is a stationary, overhead track on which trolleys travel to carry loads
from one place to another in a facility. Monorail cranes are an ideal solution for linear,
overhead material handling since they enhance production workflow and create
a safe and secure work environment. Monorail overhead cranes maximize the vertical space in
a facility and transport loads from one process to the next

Mechanical Grab Bucket

Grab buckets are designed as per, volume of material to be lifted and its cycle timeof clelivenng
the raw matenal to other line.Grab buckets are required in the cement. sugar industry and
various other industries for the applications and handling of bulk raw material to feed the
supplies. The grab buckets are offered with eat cranes as well for various industrial applications.

Application Areas:

  • Cement Industry
  • Sugar Industry
  • Waste Disposal Plants
  • Construction Industry
  • Power Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Steel Plants
  • River Ports