Santek Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Material Handling Solutions Range

Cane Unloader Trolley

Crane unloader trolleys are extensively used in the sugar industry where sugar canes are
unloaded for major bulk processing. We are obliged in offering these trolleys and bridges to
our customers with capacities ranging from 5 tonnes to 12.5 tonnes, this range easily meets
the customers’ requirements. Extensively appreciated in the market for their hassle-free
performance, reliability and low maintenance cost. We assure that these Cane Unloader
Trollies are designed and developed under the most vigilant and strict adherence to the
industrial standard norms.


  • Construction is sturdy
  • Designed with the bleeding edge tech.
  • Has Manual and
  • Hydraulic lifting options
  • Chain and Chevron Belt options
  • Handling and movement is easy
  • Bag Handling Capacity range up to 1000
  • Fewer transmission stages are achieved with compact drives.

Capacity: 5 – 12.5 Tonnes

Crane unloader trolleys are extensively used in the sugar industry

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are the plant construction solution of choice for moving products from
station to station in processing lines. These are used for conveying materials such as coal,
ores, bagasse, ash, loose grains or cereals, seeds, etc. from the feeding point to the desired place in
the warehouses which have space constraints. With their extensive range of standard modules
and accessories, Santek can fulfill every requirement.

Features of through type belt conveyor:

  • Easy of Use
  • Increases Operator Efficiency
  • Reduces Human Fatigue
  • Increased Time Efficacy
  • Excellent design makes running smooth.
  • Wide range of customization options 

Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevator is used for vertical conveying of bulk material of various kinds and can be of
belt type or chain type. Different types of bucket profiles are available for specific
applications. Traveling heights can be up to 60 mtrs. These Bucket Elevators are available in
a chain and belt-driven systems.
A bucket elevator is a mechanical conventional conveying solution to lift material to a
certain elevation. Santek provides a wide range of bucket elevators for granular and powder
A vertical elevator depends entirely on centrifugal force to get material to the discharge
chute. These continuous conveyors are used in conveying all kinds of bulk materials. The

bucket elevator has a drive shaft and a drive motor at the top. These buckets are
continuously filled with material using hoppers or chutes. The material is then
conveyed upward and tipped into the discharge chute. For dust-proof applications, we offer
bucket elevators along with a suitable dust extraction system.
The discharge side has Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene and other specialized linings for
abrasive materials. Bucket elevators are equipped with Zero Speed Switch & pawl and
ratchet type backstop arrangement for the safety of equipment and the operator. Santek is one
of the trustworthy belt conveyor manufacturers in India.

Max. Height: 60 Meters

Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyors are critical fabrication jobs that need perfect design and good
engineering knowledge. We design economical yet efficient screw conveyors which are
always optimum for the client and also easy for manufacturing. It can carry a large inventory
of standard parts and modular packages or any material per the requirement and is one
of the most reliable method of conveyance. From CEMA Standard products to engineered
material handling solutions Santek is ready to help you.

Goods Lift

A goods lift (or cargo lift) is a machine to lift goods vertically in a safe way. Persons are not
allowed on the lift, only for loading and unloading. There is one exception: a goods lift with an
attendant (sometimes called a goods/person lift). This kind of lift requires special safety
measures. There are a lot of different types of goods lifts (or cargo lifts): small goods lifts,
service lifts, kitchen lifts, tire lifts, lifts in storage spaces, heavy-duty goods lifts, goods lifts with a
cage, car lifts, and many more types for any use.

Then there are also goods lifts:

  • In a shaft with a cabin and lift doors in the shaft wall
  • In a shaft with handrails and gates on the platform and lift doors in the shaft wall
  • Self-supporting lifts (fixed shaft) including lift doors
  • Instead of shaft mesh walls or special steel bars around the lift,
  • including mesh wall doors or special steel bar doors
  • Instead of a shaft, a goods lift in a complete cage (self-supporting) including special doors
    All goods lifts are custom made available for indoor or outdoor use